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It's Time to Make Some Changes

As women, we naturally put others first, which can cause a lot of physical and mental stress. We’re worn out from our busy lives. This can lead to all kinds of health problems.

In addition to our responsibilities, our bodies are changing. Fluctuating hormones affect our sleep cycle, cause fatigue, weight gain, and make it difficult to stay focused. Do I dare mention the "M" word and the mood swings and hot flashes that come with it? I didn’t think so.

Find Your Energy, Clarity and Strength

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make health a top priority, so you can feel energized and excited again? Imagine your life with increased stamina and clarity of mind. Wouldn’t you like to lose weight naturally? How would it feel to be relaxed and able to do what you enjoy? Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

I know staying healthy with all of your responsibilities is daunting. As a woman over forty, I know what you are going through. I have been there. I know the feeling of being at the end of my rope while working full-time and taking care of two aging parents. I did it for 20 years and I am still doing it today.

Don't Make This Mistake

During that time I made a big mistake. I put my health on the back-burner. I didn’t take care of myself and I had a major health crisis. I learned the hard way that wellness is everything. Especially, when people depend on you as a daughter, sister, coworker, and friend. When I got sick, there was no one to help me design a personal health plan. Doctors are a must for regular checkups. But, their time is limited and they aren’t trained in nutrition, exercise and daily self-care. So, the responsibility fell on me. I was left on my own to figure it out.

This is how health coaching can change your life. Coaching can help you identify and address wellness concerns to prevent you from getting sick or help you recover from an illness or condition. With a coach by your side, you have a personal health guide, cheerleader and friend. That's someone we could all use in our life.

What is The First Step to Healthy Living Over 40?

Reach out for help. As a trained health coach I’ll help you define the areas you want to change. Then I'll guide you through the process of designing your personal approach to health that integrates into your daily life. Your approach will be based on your lifestyle, values and interests. It will be designed to meet your unique goals. We aren’t all cut from the same cloth, why would we want a health plan that is designed for the masses?

The Four Foundations of Healthiness
In my coaching practice, I focus on whole-body health. In our coaching sessions, we will look at all aspects of your life. We’ll talk about your life in relationship to the Four Foundations of Healthiness: Natural Nutrition, Sleep Optimization, Movement and Body-Mind Relaxation. I will help you pinpoint the areas you want to change. You’ll discover hidden resources and talents that will help you create life-long strategies for implementing your personal approach to health.

Your Results

You will feel energized. You’ll sleep better and have increased clarity. You’ll lose weight naturally without diets and gimmicks. But, best of all, you’ll regain energy, and build resilience and strength. You’ll stay healthy, so you can be there for your family and friends. And you’ll still have enough oomph to do the things you enjoy. And I promise to be by your side as long as you need me.

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