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Never worked with a health coach? This is a great way to begin your health journey and gain experience working with a coach. You choose an area that you want to jump start, and we’ll work together to create your personal approach to get you on your way to healthy living. Wellness Jump-Start includes three one-on-one sessions over a 1-month period.
Your Investment: $350.

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    weight loss


      As women over 40, we need to eat-for-life. Good nutrition is key to keeping extra weight off, lowering the risk for chronic disease and increasing energy.

      Eating for life is not about dieting, starving or depriving yourself of food. It is about discovering what foods your body needs to remain well. And most importantly, you will start to incorporate positive eating patterns into your daily routine.

      I will share the latest information on modern nutrition that will help you think differently about foodso you can lose weight naturally.

      You’ll have increased energy, less weight, and you won’t go hungry. I promise. Eat For Life includes 12 one-on-one sessions over a 6-month period. (I also offer a mini-package with 6 sessions over 3-months). Your Monthly Investment: $216. Are you ready to start eating for life?

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      We spend so much time focusing on our bodies it’s easy to forget we even have a brain. Brain health over forty is key to living a long healthy life without chronic disease. In six-sessions will focus on brain foods, exercise and habits that will help bring focus, clarity and more energy into your everyday life. We’ll design a personal approach that will boost your energy levels and clear brain fog, so you can get on with your life.

      Maintain Your Brain includes six one-on-one sessions over a 3-month period.
      Your Monthly Investment: $216.

      Are you ready to raise your brain function and get your clarity of mind back?

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        Living a stressful life is not fun especially for women over 40. Stress can be a precursor to many diseases and conditions such as obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune disease and cancer. In this 6-session coaching program we’ll focus on stress reduction techniques that will help calm your mind and relax your body. You will learn how to bring awareness into all aspects of your life to reduce tension and help you identify negative behaviors. Through this process of awareness and relaxation you will reduce fatigue, increase clarity of mind, and build resilience to disease. Stress Less includes 6 one-on-one sessions over a 3-month period.
        Your Monthly Investment: $216.

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          Lack of sleep is one the most prevalent health problems we face, as women over forty. We all could use a little work in this area. We’ll look at all the different aspects of your life and how they relate to your sleep habits. Through this process, you’ll identify what is keeping you up at night. Then we’ll incorporate new sleep habits that will help you get the Z’s you need to avoid chronic disease, increase clarity, and give you the energy you need to face your day. Sleep Soundly includes 6 one-on-one sessions over a 3-month period.
          Your Monthly Investment: $216.

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            Over 40 Recharge

              If you are suffering from third-life symptoms and are motivated to make changes, but not quite sure where to start, this approach is for you. Sometimes your challenges are intertwined and it is hard to figure out where to begin. That’s when we apply an integrated approach to address your challenges. Together we will examine your life in relationship to food, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep.  You will learn about your habits and behaviors and discover the areas you would like to work on. Together, we will create an approach that will help you integrate healthy changes into your life.

              Your investment: $85.00 for each 1-hour session for as long as you need me.
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