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Hi, I’m Tam Bouret –As a women’s health coach, I specialize in guiding woman through the process of making healthy lifestyle behavior changes that result in losing weight naturally, increasing energy levels, and building resilience to disease.

Women Over 40 Are Neglected by the Healthcare system

After going through a major health crisis in my late 40s, I realized that women over 40 are neglected by the healthcare system. I found a gap in what physicians could provide and what woman needed between doctor's visits.

Woman in this age group need help working with age-specific issues that physicians are not equipped to handle. Knowing this, I was motivated to help woman stay healthy, so I decided to pivot my career to women's health coaching. That's when I founded Tam Bouret Wellness, LLC.

In my practice, I work with women of all diversities and backgrounds. I offer you a holistic, compassionate coaching experience that is grounded in scientific research.

My Experience will Help You to:
  • Create healthy habits that increase your resilience, energy, strength and focus.
  • Learn how to use healthy foods that build stamina, reduce inflammation and bring clarity of mind.
  • Use positive psychology to overcome negativity and increase positive thoughts about yourself and your capabilities.
  • Learn how to bring awareness into all aspects of your life to encourage healthy behaviors.
  • Reduce stress and bring relaxation to your body and mind.
My Credentials

I have over 25 years of combined career experience in human resources, coaching, medical research, and meditation instruction.

I have helped hundreds of people over a 20-year span through one-on-one career coaching while working in private industry and the Federal Government.

Education - Master's Degree

I studied and trained at the Maryland University of Integrated Healthaccredited college specializing in integrative health practices. I received a Master’s Degree in Wellness and Integrated Health with an emphasis in nutrition and health coaching.


My areas of expertise include behavior change, modern nutrition, using food as medicine, reducing chronic inflammation, mindfulness, meditation, and positive psychology.

If you are struggling with health issues and are ready for a change, we should talk.


Health is Everything - My Story


Life is a journey and we all have many stories to tell. This story is about how I developed a new relationship with my mind and body after becoming ill in my late forties.

It's Never Too Late

What I learned is that our health needs attention no matter where we are on our path. As one of my Buddhist teachers says, "We are all basically good, but we could use a little work." It's never too late to make changes that will enhance our well-being. We all want to live a life that feels strong, brilliant, productive and meaningful. But, we have to take the first step. This is how I took my first step.

In my late 40s, I thought I was doing fine. Until one day when I suddenly started to feel sick, as though I had the flu. The symptoms were awfulachy swollen joints, fatigue, and brain fog. I could barely get out of bed, let alone, work and take care of my aging parents. After weeks of not getting better I saw my doctor and after a bunch of testing I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

As I Became Sicker I Questioned My Diagnosis

My doctor started me on RA drugs. The horrible side effects made me sicker. I took the drugs reluctantlybut my blood work didn’t fully convince me that I had RA. I had low vitamin-D, high cholesterol, high C-Reactivemarkers for overall inflammation in the bodybut, I did not have an elevated RA factor which is unusual. I didn't have other autoimmune markers—all red flags to me.

I decided to use my medical research background and launch my own investigation into what other conditions could mimic RA. I plowed through medical journals looking for clues. But I didn’t find much of anything significant.

I Received Life Changing Information

In an attempt to lower the pain, I decided I to visit my chiropractor. He gave me a snippet of information that changed everything. He held a holistic view of health which at that time was considered quackery. But I had seen him for years and his advice was always practical and sound. And at one point he saved me from shoulder surgeryI trusted him.

This is what he told me. He said, chronic inflammation in the body from eating processed foods, low vitamin-D, and lack of exercise could cause joint pain and swelling. He said, I don’t think you have RA. I think you have an inflammation problem. He mentioned foods I could eat and a few other things I could do to lower inflammation. I didn’t know it then, but he saved me from a lifetime of misery and poor health.

It wasn't Rhuematoid Arthritis - I Had Chronic Inflammation

After talking with my chiropractor, I became insanely interested in this idea of chronic inflammation. Was that what was causing my symptoms? How could that be? And why wasn’t anyone talking about this? As I combed through the literature, I started to find some studies on chronic inflammation. I also found some physiciansthat we now call Functional Medicine physiciansthat had been researching inflammation as an underlying cause of chronic diseasesheart disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic obesity, Alzheimer’s and autoimmune diseases like RA.

In my research, I also found that chronic inflammation caused by high stress, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise could be causing my symptoms. Unfortunately, when I presented my findings to my rheumatologist and asked about stopping the drugs, she laughed and said that it was ridiculous. She told me I had RA and should stay on the drugs.

I Trusted My Intuition and Discovered I Could be Well

I went against my doctor’s orders and I stopped the RA medication and “treated” myself. I learned about plant-based foods and how to use food as medicine to lower inflammation in the body. Certain foods increase inflammation and other foods can actually lower inflammation. I stopped eating processed packaged foods and fast-food. I started eating all-natural foods from plants along with good organic sources of meats and dairy.

I started using supplements and my vitamin-D level went back to normal. I slowly worked my way back into an exercise routine that fit my lifestyle and capabilities. As time passed, I became stronger and I lost about 20 lbs.

I Learned How to Tweak

When I ran into obstacles, I would tweak my diet and exercise program. I learned how to be kind to myself and not beat myself up when I hit bumps in the road.
I used meditation to become familiar with how my body reacted to food and exercise. Meditation also helped with my emotions. I realized that a lot of my pain and suffering was brought on by my thought processes and habits. Understanding intuitively what my body and mind needed, helped me understand how to create healthy sustainable behaviors.

I was lucky that I didn't have a chronic disease and I was able to make changes that reversed my symptoms. To this day, I keep inflammation in check by using food as medicine, exercising properly, and getting nightly restorative sleep. I have a daily meditation practice that brings calm into my life and helps me understand how my mind works and how to avoid harmful habits.

I Feel Great - I Have My Life Back

I feel better now than I did before I got sick. It was a long road back, but I wouldn't change a thing. This is why I am a Women’s Health Coach. I don't want this to happen to you. I want you to stay healthy, so you can fully experience your life without chronic illness.

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